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Life Experience Credits

What are life experience credits?

During the course of their career, adults often develop specialized skills and knowledge that are equivalent to college course work. University College at Adelphi has developed the life experience credit evaluation process as a way for nontraditional students to earn academic credit for knowledge and experience gained outside of a traditional classroom. In the broadest sense, life experience credit includes all college-level learning before admission to Adelphi, as well as formal learning gained through successful completion of course work sponsored by the military and government agencies, and knowledge obtained through career experience, volunteer work, the utilization of artistic abilities, and proficiency in computers and foreign language (including sign language). By utilizing University College’s life experience credit program, you can complete your college degree faster and at less expense.

The most important thought to keep in mind about life experience is that credit is not awarded for experiences—no matter how sophisticated—but for the student’s ability to demonstrate that these are college-level experiences. Students must demonstrate, with the guidance of the faculty evaluators, that they possess the knowledge reflected in the course work taught at Adelphi.

Life Experience Fees (2016-2017 school year)

Life experience credits can save you lots of time and money, but they’re not free. Current costs are detailed below.

  • $1,865 base fee for all credit granted
  • $305 for precedented life experience credits (courses previously evaluated by another academic institution or by the New York State Department of Education)
  • $305 for any additional evaluator who is required to review materials (one evaluator is included in the base fee)

Examples of Life Experience

Volunteer Work
A student had volunteered at a therapeutic horseback riding facility that serves adults and children with autism, Down’s syndrome, and cerebral palsy. This student’s volunteer position included training in hippotherapy, a form of physical and occupational therapy utilizing equine movement. The student met with an evaluator from the Social Work department and was given 8 credits.

Starting a Business
A student who had co-owned a bakery had substantial experience managing employees, as well as a lot of experience in sales and public relations. The student met with a faculty evaluator who determined that her experience was equivalent to classes in Communication, Conflict Management, and Creative Problem Solving. This student earned 12 credits through life experience.

Professional Training
A student had enrolled in an Advanced Leadership training program while employed by the U.S. Postal Service. The training program covered material that was equivalent to classes in management, organizational behavior, and managerial finance, and allowed the student to earn 12 credits through life experience.

Foreign Language Skills
Proficiency in a foreign language can earn students up to 18 credits. A student’s language proficiency is evaluated by an oral and written test administered by a faculty member from the foreign language department.

Military, Police, and Fire
Students with military experience can earn precedented life experience credits, and basic training alone can earn several credits. Students who have attended police or fire academies can also earn many credits by showing proof of completion.

Allied Health
Students with work experience in the allied health field—such as paramedic or LPN experience—can earn many credits.

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